Burn With Me – Honey Bock (Collab w/ Horus Ages Ales)

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Burn With Me
Honey Bock (Collab w/ Horus Ages Ales) – 4.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Burn With Me” is the last installment of our exploration of Hawaiian Lehua Honey with the sweeties over at @horusagedales. For this last installment, we wanted to see what the Honey would do on a less aggressive base than a Stout, but more impactful than a Mead. We settled on a 7.5% Honey Bock, and the timing couldn’t have been better because our homies @riverbend were dropping some new malts that we wanted to try out!

Mashed with @riverbendmalt Avalon Pilsner and Avalon Vienna (those new new malts!) along with a dash of their Munich Rye, Munich Light, Munich Dark, and Chit Malt. Hopped gently with Saaz and Huell Melon, Whirlpooled aggressively with Hawaiian Lehua Honey, fermented low and slow with our House Lager Yeast, and spunded for dat natty carb before laying down to rest for many moons in our Horizontal Lager Tanks. Classic Chippy Boi™ character in a big and malty package, and just a wonderful balance of Honey without the typical cloying sweetness!

We experience refreshing malty goodness, Brown Bread drizzled in Honey, and whisps of Melon rind and floral bouquets. Not overly sweet, but a ton of Honey character, and this new Avalon malt from Riverbend really gives a deeper complexity than we were expecting. Hell yeah, BROTHER!

Thanks for sticking around with us and checking out this weird multi-collab exploration of Honey. We hope you dug them all as much as we did! That’s all for now! Well, kinda… We have a bunch of Lehua Honey beers in barrels now, so those should see a release in like…2 years?

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