Billion Bear Death Stare – Italian Pilsner

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Billion Bear Death Stare
Italian Pilsner – 5.1%
4PK – 16oz Cans

ANOTHER ONE O’ DEM ITALIAN PILSNERS?! Yes. Yes, it is. Please welcome “Billion Bear Death Stare” to the stage, y’all.
Brewed with a base of Riverbend Malt Pilsner and just a touch of Melanoidin malt for extra depth, hopped very aggressively with Hallertauer Mittelfruh and Styrian Stravjinski Gold on the hot side, fermented low and slow with our House Lager yeast, and spunded for 100% natural carbonation…but, where it gets interesting. We dry-hopped this cold (at Lager temps) with Saphir and Willamette for a really fun, subtle, and nuanced layer of complexity.
We get notes of fresh loaves of white bread and soup crackers slathered in Orange Marmalade, someone shouting “THAT’S A GOOD BOY!” from a distance at a lovely dog with its’ cute tongue waggin’ all over the place, dainty cups of Green Tea, and a hint of a wind-kissed Wildflower bouquet. Obviously, this also packs our classic Lager character that we strive so hard to maintain: that Chippy-Boi™ crisp bite, minerality, and dry finish…but with a really fun twist. You already know.
PLEASE NOTE: “Italian-style Pilsner” just means more hop-forward and slightly softer than your typical Pilsner, and decidedly dry-hopped.

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