Phantom Dreaming – Super Saturated DDH DIPA

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Phantom Dreaming
Super Saturated DDH DIPA – 8.5%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Phantom Dreaming” is our latest foray into hopping the bejeezus out of a DIPA, in a style we’re going to start referring to as “Super Saturated”. We made this one with our buds Beer’d Brewing, who we’ve known for damn near a decade! We decided to commemorate our friendship by packing an absurd amount of hops into a DIPA, as is tradition. Mashed with Riverbend Malt 2-Row and jam-packed with Oats and Wheat.

We hopped this on the hot side with HBC472 Incognito and Simcoe pellets, then hit it in the first dry-hop with a bunch of Citra Spectrum and more Simcoe, and finally ushered it on down to Flavortown with a massive second dry-hop of Citra pellets and El Dorado Cryo. With the “equivalency” factored in on all the secondary hop products, this is the largest amount of hops we’ve ever put into a beer, tight!

Notes of straight-up juice, waves of Mango and Honeydew, all the Citra top-notes you know and love, a bag of Peach Rings, some Mango Gelato drizzled in Honey and Passionfruit syrup, all the Hi-Chew candies at once, and of course…[insert ganja reference]. This hits “juicy” on multiple levels and we’re VERY stoked to keep playing around with this style!

Ty Blake T. Brady Art for the dope art!

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