Back Seat Windows Up – Fruited Margarita Gose

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Back Seat Windows Up
Fruited Margarita Gose – 6%
4PK – 16oz Cans


“Back Seat, Windows Up” is a Pineapple Orange Margarita Gose, coming in at an approachable 6.0% ABV. Mashed with a base of @Riverbend Malt 2-Row, along @proximitymalt Wheat, and a touch of Flaked Oats. Soured overnight in our kettle, then boiled and hit in the Whirlpool with a bevy of Coriander and a blend of Sea Salts. Fermented on the cooler side with our House IPA yeast, and absolutely pummeled with Lime, Pineapple, Orange, and Tangerine.

Notes of sitting poolside, sipping on a Pineapple Orange Margarita with extra salt on the rim. Just like that. Nice and fruity while still maintaining a high acidity, all balanced by a touch of salinity on the back end. We are VERY happy with this new entry into our line of Sours, so be on the lookout for more Fruited Margarita Goses in the future.

“Back Seat, Windows Up” is, in fact, the way we like to “party” *radio edit*… Wait…”party” *radio edit*…. Do you hear that? Are we being edited? What the fuck?

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