Attitude Adjustment – Hazy IPA

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Attitude Adjustment
4PK – 16oz Cans

Weird, I’m not seeing any beers here… Wait, is that…? IS THAT JOHN CENA?! Nope, it’s our newest collab, “Attitude Adjustment”, a kick-ass Hazy IPA whipped up with the forever homies and ultimate sweethearts @residentculture to celebrate their next big wrestling event!

We’ve been massive diehard fans of theirs for some time now, and when they asked if we wanted to collab on a beer for their wrestling event, the answer was a resounding, “HELL YEAH, BUT ONLY IF WE EACH CHOOSE A WRESTLER AND THEME THE BEER AFTER THEM!” So, naturally, we chose the true people’s champion and multifaceted entertainment icon: John Cena with the HAZY IPA. Named after his famous finishing move, this Hazy IPA really packs a serious juicy punch and is an ultimate Summertime crusher. (They chose Stone Cold Steve Austin, yet another heavy hitter)

Mashed with @riverbendmalt Base Camp and @proximitymalt Wheat, alongside a smattering of Flaked Wheat. Pummeled in the Whirlpool with Michigan Crystal and fermented with our House Juicy IPA strain. Spunded for delicate natural carbonation, then dry hopped with the frooty-tooty BRU-1. Once it was nice and ready, we took it on down to pound town with a second obliteratng dry hop of McKenzie and El Dorado, and pinned it into submission with a hefty dose of Amarillo Hop Terpenes.

We experience fresh juices of Guava and Lychee, chewy candies of the tropical varietals, and some Citrus wedges with some Key Lime zest and Kiwi chunks with just the slightest hint of woodsy-goodness to tie the whole room together. Surprisingly well balanced and super crushable, this lil ditty packs a bigger punch than the 6% ABV implies, and is still drinkable AF. Don’t sleep on this lil fella!

If you’re in Charlotte and don’t make this wrestling event, we feel sorry for you. However, if you’re in Asheville on that day…we may or may not be opening up our long-awaited @vowl_bar at our original taproom. Both IPAs will be on at each of our locations, so we highly suggest you try both and let us know which one is the ULTIMATE VICTOR, WORTHY OF THE BELT! OOOHHHH, YOU HEAR THAT, RC CREW?!?! WE’RE COMING FOR THE GAAHHHHD DANG BELT!!!! HOOOOOO-AHHHHH!!!!!!

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