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Atomic Bomb
TIKI STYLE GF SOUR W/ Orange, Tangerine, Lime, Almonds, Toasted Almonds, Tiki Spices, Demerara Sugar, Mint- 8%
4PK – 16oz Cans

MAI TAI HAVE THIS DANCE????? BOOM. Hilarious intro, nailed it.

VOWL is opening Friday and there is no better way to celebrate than to make a bevvy that we all collectively adore!!!! Introducing “Atomic Bomb”, a Mai Tai influenced GF Sour and a dragon we have been chasing for a long time. A dragon, might I add, that we have now successfully mounted. Conditioned on Orange, Tangerine, Lime, Toasted Almond, Tiki Spices, Demerara Sugar, and just a splash of Mint, this flavor bomb ratatouilles my ass straight back to sunsets at Bali Hai in San Diego.

Fruity, citrusy, spiced, sour, drinkable. Yes. And at 6% ABV, you can actually drink more than one, without accidentally falling into the fish tank at the previously mentioned tiki bar! TIKI IN A CAN! IT’S ALL THE RAGE, RIGHT?!?!?! William Onyeabor would be proud, and honestly, he’d probably make some beats to this lil’ bevvy, but we alllll know he’d never perform it live for us!

To celebrate this collaborative achievement, for both VOWL and the release of Atomic Bomb… WE’RE THROWING A PARTY, BABY!!! The VOWL Grand Unveiling Celebration is this Friday, May 17th, starting at 5 PM

Spring Cocktail Menu Drop!!!
Boilermaker Specials
New Natural Wines and Ciders
Mocktails and N/A offerings galore
“Hustle is Weird” AVL Super Collab
“Atomic Bomb” Tropical Tiki GF Sour (DSSOLVR & VOWL Collab)
Flash Tattoo Pop-up from @jdburnett at 5pm
Late night DJ set from @abudissary (& guests…?)
And a couple more surprises you’re not gonna want to miss, as we celebrate the beginning of @avlbeerweek, and the future of DSSOLVR!

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