2nd Anniversary – Imp. Barrel Aged Blended Stout

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2nd Anniversary
Imp. Barrel Aged Blended Stout – 12% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

HEY! We’re turning…TWO?! How in the HELL has it already been two years? TWO WHOLE YEARS?! You have to celebrate that with some BBA Imperial Stout… right? Keep those eyes peeled, cuz we’ve got quite a few more Anniversary and Holiday tricks up our sleeves.

“2nd Anniversary” is a 12% ABV blend of Imperial Stouts aged for 16 months in Heaven Hill barrels. No adjuncts at all, just beer, barrel, and time. Notes of Brownie batter and Baker’s Chocolate squares, a touch of Molasses and Brown Sugar, pungent and sweet American Oak Vanillin, and a really beautiful rounded finish that simultaneously hides the alcohol in a dangerous way and drowns itself in Bourbon.

We’ve made it a point to steadily fill Bourbon Barrels (and some other fun Spirit Barrels!) whenever we could spare the beer. We made a few beers specifically for barrels, but overall, the Spirit Barrel program here is an expression of time and patience while we wait and allow the barrels to speak for themselves. We typically don’t taste barrels for the first year, so this was the first year we really had the opportunity to see some diversity in that portfolio.

With the mindset of blending a few Holiday-time projects, we tasted through barrels a few weeks back and found some Stout that knocked all of us off our feet. Every once in a while, you find beer will scream “DON’T YOU TOUCH A GODDAMN THING! I AM BEAUTIFUL THE WAY I AM!” and when that happens, you quickly oblige. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few more heavily adjuncted Stouts coming up soon, too.

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