Time for Nothing – Sparkling Honey Piquette

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Time for Nothing
Sparkling Honey Piquette – 7% ABV
1 Bottle – 750 mL 

“Time for Nothing” marks our last foray into Piquette-style Winemaking from our ‘22 Harvest, and we’re pretty friggin’ hyped on it. As with our previous entries into last year’s Piquette experiment, the funk and acidity is at a medium level, with more of a focus on the fruit itself, and a bumped up ABV and carbonation to allow for a more pleasant drinking experience.

“Time For Nothing” is a Sparkling Honey Piquette made from rehydrating the Traminette skins left over from an unreleased Orange Wine from our ‘22 Harvest. Now, let’s just dig into the specifics real quick! We crushed and destemmed a half-ton of 100% NC-grown Organic Traminette Grapes (sourced by our buddies Pleb Winery, who still rule so hard!), and then let that undergo fermentation for 2 weeks before racking the juice off and allowing that Orange Wine to ferment on it’s own.

We then rehydrated those skins with some extra-fine Asheville water and a hefty slathering of Orange Blossom Honey from Walker Honey Farms in Austin, TX and allowed it to finish fermentation and rest for another 8 days. We then racked the finished Honey Piquette into an Oak Puncheon to rest before bottling it with another small dash of Orange Blossom Honey. And it has now been bottle conditioning for an additional 10 months!

We experience soft and beautiful floral aromas of Lemon zest and Lime pith, a zippy minerality, a soft and spritzy Meyer-Lemon-meets-Sauv Blanc Wine Cooler sorta vibe, and waves of fruity-tooty Grape skin tannins. All of this is wrapped up in a beautiful funk and acidity that’s surprisingly balanced by the dry and fruity body. We realize this is a bit of YET ANOTHER bastardization of the style, but we’re putting our own little mark on the style and that’s fun for us…OKAY?!

PS: This is the last Piquette from ‘22, and we’re so amped about the new ‘23 Piquettes. So come drink this up and we’ll release the new ones!

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