Oath to a Devil – Fruited Foeder Berliner (Collab w/ Devil’s Foot)

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Oath to a Devil
Fruited Foeder Berliner (Collab w/ Devil’s Foot) – 5%
16.9oz Bottle

It’s been quite a while since we’ve released anything from our absolutely beautiful Foeders from the fine folks at Foeder Crafters, which makes us sad. And thus, “Oath to a Devil” is a Fruited Foeder Berliner coming in at 5% ABV and it is here to rectify this great injustice.

This 100% Riverbend Malt  Berliner is comprised of 45% 2-Row Base Malt and 55% Appalachian Wheat. It started its life over 3 years ago, when we first brewed into our dedicated Berliner Foeder. Inoculated and fermented with our Proprietary House Mixed Culture and fermented for a little over a year before being conditioned on 2nd-use SC Peach Skins and 4th-use NC Grape Pomace for a few months. We then racked this beer into a Puncheon and packaged it up to bottle condition with some tasty Wildflower Honey from Walker Honey Farms, where it has sat for over a year now.

Our tasting notes include, but are not limited to: Fruit roll up, a touch of oak on the nose, peach up front, super bright funk, stone-pitty, bright vanillin, very high acid, subtle grape skin, yum yum yum. We’ve got a LOT of fun mixed culture projects in the wings, just waiting for the right time to shine. So if you like old-school Sour Ales just as much as we do, come onnnnnn down!

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