Most Likely Aliens – Mexican Chocolate Imperial Stout

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Most Likely Aliens
Mexican Chocolate Imperial Stout W/ Poblano Peppers, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon, & Nutmeg – 10%
2PK – 16oz Cans

We’re coming up on our 4th Anniversary (lol I know, wtf) and we wanted to bring back one of the first beers we ever released. AND SO WE ARE PLEASED AS PUNCH TO BRING YOU…”Most Likely Aliens” Mexican Chocolate Imperial Stout!

Double mashed with boatloads of @riverbendmalt Southern Select and heaps on heaps of Specialty, Roasted, and Caramel Malts from @proximitymalt. Boiled for 12 hours, and then pummelled in the Whirlpool with just so much fresh Poblano Pepper before being fermented with our Pub Ale yeast. We racked a majority of this into barrels, but what was left over was conditioned on dastardly amounts of @frenchbroadchocolate Cacao Nibs, Mexican Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg.

Big, thiccccc, and with explosive characteristics similar to Hot Cocoa with a Cinnamon and Nutmeg dusting, Chiles Rellenos drizzled in Mole, fresh-out-the-oven Fudge Brownies with a scoop of ice cream, and a whirlwind of memories from the past 4 years. While there’s a huge wave of Chile flavor and loads of Cinnamon/Nutmeg spice, this is not a “SPICY” beer. Just FYI. It rules.

Thanks so much for sticking with us since we’ve opened up. We’re continuing to work tirelessly to improve the offerings and experiences we bring you, and we are incredibly honored to have come this far this quickly. We hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane with us as much as we enjoyed bringing it back.

And don’t forget, the general population is unaware that aliens have officially been acknowledged by our government and many official agencies across the world. So be sure to rant about UAPs (or UFOs, or whatever the fuck they’re calling them these days) whenever you share this with anyone. Trust us, they WANT to hear you go on for hours about it…they just don’t know it yet! 

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