Love Goblin – Foeder Fermented Sparkling Rose

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Love Goblin
Foeder Fermented Sparkling Rose – 11% ABV
1 Bottle – 750 mL 

We’ve officially gone beyond Goblin Mode… “Love Goblin” marks our very first foray into Rosé-style Winemaking, and we’re over the Moon about it.

Brace yourselves, a lot went into this. First, we crushed and destemmed a ton of 100% NC-grown Organic Pinot Gris Grapes (sourced by our buddies @plebwinery, who still rule so hard!), and then let that ferment for 8 days on the skins before racking the juice off and into a Foeder to start the base blend for our 2022 Harvest. We then topped that up with juice from other varietals throughout the remainder of the Harvest, including Cabernet Franc and Traminette. 

We then made a Carbonic Maceration Beaujolais-style Red Wine with Cabernet Franc. Once we racked that Wine off the Cab Franc skins, we deemed there to be quite a bit more life left in them, and decided to make some Rosé from the Foeder Field Blend.

We started with a short contact that ended up as a yet-to-be-released STILL Rosé, and then racked even more of the Foeder Field Blend onto the 3rd-use Pomace for 8 days before racking to a Puncheon for natural settling.

After a few days in wood, we bottled it with a small dash of Organic Orange Blossom Honey from our buds @walkerhoneyfarms, where it has been bottle conditioning for an additional 6 months. Wowzers, folks!

We experience soft and beautiful floral aromas of Strawberry jam and Melon salad, a zippy minerality, a pronounced (BUT NOT BUTTERY!) Oaky-tannin presence, a soft and spritzy glass of Rosé with a twist of Lemon, and waves of fruity-tooty Grape skin tannins. All of this is wrapped up in a beautiful funk and acidity that’s surprisingly balanced by the dry and fruity body. We realize this is  YET ANOTHER bastardization of a beloved Wine style, but we’re putting our own little mark on this stuff and that’s the whole reason for all of this. We hope you’re having fun trying out all these Wines, too!

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