Fun De Mental – Peach Ring Candy Sour

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Fun De Mental
Peach Ring Candy Sour – 6%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Sour Peach Ring Kettle Sour w/ Marshmallows?! ARE THERE NO RULES?! IS THIS JUST CHAOS?! Yes…and yes, we did do that…again…with 25% more candy, which was 25% more than the time before…. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD… THE LORD OF PEACH GUMMY RINGS.

“Fun de Mental” is a Sour Peach Ring Marshmallow Kettle Sour Ale that we made in collaboration with our buds Odd By Nature. Mashed with a base of Riverbend 2-Row, along with Wheat, and Flaked Oats. Soured overnight in our kettle, and Whirlpooled with a truly staggering amount of Sour Peach Ring candies (25% more than last time…again!). We then fermented this low and slow with our House IPA yeast and conditioned it on twice the normal amount of Marshmallow we typically use for our weird Kettle Sour Ales.

The result is….Sour Peach Rings covered in Marshmallow. Super pleasant tartness, medium body, and that’s kinda all there is to say. Super balanced for as much candy presence as there is, which, uh…yeah there’s a lot of candy presence. So much candy presence… ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?!?!?

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