Full Loop – Dry Irish Stout

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Full Loop
Irish Dry Stout – 4.8% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans


We have reached the BEGINNING AGAIN and we are greeted by the familiar and welcoming mugs of our dearest Dry Irish Stout, “Full Loop!” A FOUR GRAIN DRY IRISH STOUT! WITH ALL LOCAL MALT! WHAT IS AN END IS ALSO A BEGINNING…WHEN YOU FINISH ONE PINT YOU’LL WANT ANOTHER.

We haven’t released a Low-ABV Stout in a while, and with St. Patrick’s around the corner, we figured the time is nigh. And this time it’ll be on Sidepull, because why not?

In an effort to expand our portfolio within the Craft Malt category, we gave a trial run to Proximity Malt last year. We continue to use Riverbend Malt for a very large proportion of our malts, but we’re really excited to increase our use of Proximity this year.

Mashed with 2-Row Barley, Roasted Barley, Pale Chocolate, and Flaked Barley. Notes of Dark Chocolate bars, raw Cacao dust, subtle Tobacco tannins, a hint of Cherry skins, wrapped up with high minerality and a dry, clean finish. OH, SNAP!

Did we mention it’s on Sidepull in the taproom? AND FOR YOU HARDCORE NITRO HEADS, we will have it on Nitro for St. Patrick’s Day!

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