Eternal Mourning: Huell Melon – Dry Hopped Funky Foeder IPA

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Eternal Mourning: Huell Melon
Dry Hopped Funky Foeder IPA – 4.5% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ

“Eternal Mourning: Huell Melon” is the next release in our series of Dry Hopped Funky Foeder IPA. One of the first beers we brewed here was a base IPA composed of 100% Riverbend Malt 2-Row, Oats, and Wheat and hopped extremely aggressively with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Crystal. We then knocked that beer out into a fresh Cylindroconical Foeder (hell yeah!) from Foeder Crafters, and fermented it with our proprietary House Mixed Culture, where it resided untouched for damn near a year. This base has now all been acting as our “Base Funky IPA”, so we pulled off a small portion and dry-hopped the bejeezus out of it with Huell Melon before packaging and allowing it to naturally condition with Walker Honey Farms Wildflower Honey and a dash of our Mixed Culture. After eight months of bottle conditioning, here we are! Hey Hey Hey!

The Eternal Mourning base gets a different dry hopping each time, as we only pull off small portions into our Puncheons for any sort of secondary treatment. First up was Idaho 7, and Huell Melon is the Dry Hop on this version. We’ve got two more variants for you, and then Eternal Mourning is gone, as we topped up our Brett Foeder to move the base beer in a slightly different direction. And that’s an exciting tidbit, no?

Just a straight punch in the face with a fist full of funk, followed up with a dash of Cantaloupe sorbet, Melon balls on a nice picnic, some sweet and juicy Pineapple chunks, a field full of Hay with a touch of freshly-mown lawn, and just the faintest balancing wisp of acidity.

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