Duh! Snake Blood II – Raspberry Chocolate Imperial Stout (Collab w/ Woven Water)

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Duh! Snake Blood II
Raspberry Chocolate Imperial Stout – 9.5%
2PK – 16oz Cans

Raspberry Granola Brown Sugar Chocolate Imperial Stout! “Duh! Snake Blood 2” is our latest foray into dessert-style Adjunct Imperial Stouts and just so happens to be a collab with the fine folks at Woven Water Brewing. We had them up a few months back and have been anxiously awaiting the right time to drop this sauce on y’all. HERE WE GOOOOOO! Based off a similar Stout we had done a long way back, but amped up to 11 with a new base beer, Granola, Brown Sugar, and increased dosage rates of everything else. Hell yeah.

Mashed with a base of Riverbend Malt Southern Select and a medley of Roasted and Specialty Malt, fermented with our Pub Ale yeast, and then absolutely pummeled with Brown Sugar for a nice and easy secondary fermentation before conditioning on an absurd volume of Raspberry, French Broad Chocolate Cocoa Nibs, a whole mess of Madagascar Vanilla Beans, and one heaping pile of Granola for good measure.

Yet another mug full of Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry jam, or maybe a fat slice of Chocolate Cake covered in Granola and Raspberries with a side of French Vanilla Ice Cream. Total yum. Come on, taste the snake. It won’t bite.

WARNING: We used copious amounts of fruit and don’t recommend cellaring this baby. Keep it cold and drink it fresh, y’all!

SECOND WARNING: No snakes were harmed in the making of this product.

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