Caressed by Memories – COFFEE COCONUT Imperial Baltic Porter (Collab w/ Living Waters)

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Caressed by Memories
Imperial Baltic Porter (Collab w/ Living Waters) –  10% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ

We had the homies from Living Waters Brewing back out to brew another collab destined for barrels (SO…MANY…BARRELS…) and had a little left over, so we decided to whip up a few variations on the base beer!

We aged this one on the most Coconut and the most Coffee we’ve ever put in a beer. Over 1#/gal of Desiccated Macaroon Coconut and over 10#/bbl of Coffee (we selected some amazing El Goyo beans roasted by our dearest buds Cooperative Coffee) than we’ve ever used in any beer before. The dosed liquid is reminiscent of Cocoa Truffle bars, lil baby Coconut Macaroons, all drowned in super chocolatey Coffee-soaked brownie batter.

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