Visions and Prisons – Hazy DIPA


Visions & Prisons
Hazy DIPA – 8.3% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

An 8.2% DIPA that drinks like a 7.2% IPA! Huzzah! “Visions and Prisons” is an effort to compare different production methods within our portfolio. Straying from our last few big, full-bodied DIPA releases, we wanted to see how a lower mash temp would play with our typical IPA grist, since our “Juicy DIPA” treatment leans on a VERY hefty body. The result is a pretty spectacular and fun riff on how we used to make these big beers.

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row, a symphony of Wheat malts, and a touch of Carapils. Dry Hopped twice with a big ol’ dose of the ever-powerful Ella, and dusted with Meridian and Idaho 7 on backup.

Huge notes of overripe Pineapple, a fresh bag of those Lil’ Cuties Clementines, a swift rip of some dank-dank, a mouthful of Pink Pez candies, finishing with a fun wisp of Apricot jam and Cantaloupe skins. Live by your own standards, but don’t be imprisoned by them.

TL;DR: less residual sweetness, less body, lower IBU, same intended balance, same absurd hopping rates, higher ABV, scary cr-cr-crushability.

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