Vices Like Vipers – RED WEST COAST IPA

$20.00 USD

Vices Like Vipers
4PK – 16oz Cans

We let our brewery staff riff on a recipe of their own when we have time in the schedule, so when @bevswithkb asked to brew a Red IPA, it seemed only fitting to make this a @pinkbootssociety collab and snag some of their hop blend!

Mashed with 100% @riverbendmalt, comprised of Southern Select, Dark Munich, Crystal, and Chit Malts. Hopped aggressively on the hot side with Ella for maximum fruity dankness, then hit heavily in the dry hop with the Pink Boots Hop Blend and Centennial. Malty, fruity, tropical, resinous, dank, dry, and ultra crushable. They really packed a lot into this beer and we’re jazzed to be able to breathe some life into a long-lost style while also uplifting those that helped make it happen!

On June 6th at 7pm, come celebrate the release of the Pink Boots x DSSOLVR Collab “Vices Like Vipers” and join us for “Taking Up Space”, a panel and discussion lead by female and nonbinary identifying brewing industry affiliates.

Hear from local industry vets on taking space in a male-dominated field. This is an opportunity to sit in on topics ranging from their varying backgrounds, the advantages of networking, ways to break communication barriers, and how to support and encourage diversity in your spaces.
Including panelists from White Labs, Wicked Weed, Burial, Asheville Brewers Alliance, and DSSOLVR.
*Proceeds from the Pink Boots x DSSOLVR collab will fund educational opportunities for women and non-binary in the craft beverage industry.*
Here’s your chance to meet and greet with some of the talented people behind the glass!

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