Unreadable – Session IPA (Collab w/ Burial)

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Session IPA – 5.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans


Perched atop this glorious and unforgiving throne of hops and malt, rooted deep within the realm of astrological spirits, a vessel takes hold and pushes through the fauna to produce a beautiful pistil within the vast fields of bountiful fruit that we call our mind’s eye. Only within the undeniable boundaries of the collective unconsciousness does the intersection of individual personality and creativity lie, hurling itself forward through the sands of time, splitting the lines between pain and joy while thriving within the beautiful multiverse of splendor. Overflowing mugs of grog line the bartop, laden with longing and laced with vivid memories of both the past and future. Drowned out by the pain of long relationships and memories forged amidst the fiery depths of an unforgiving industry, but brimming with new life within the unquantifiable and ever-evolving landscape of beauty that we call life.

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and a heap of Spelt. Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Citra on the hot side, along with a truly splendiferous amount of Marigold flowers. Fermented with our House IPA yeast and spunded for dat natty carb. Dry hopped once with Citra, and then once more with an aggressive smattering of Hallertau Blanc and even more Citra and Mandarina Bavaria.

Dancing across the palate with oral veracity and odiferous splendor, it divides the path before it with grace and beauty while deftly heaving forward with a momentum all its own, yet somehow still drawn from the makers and liquid amplification of dreams that have come before it. Bristling and brimming with notes of Marigolds Tea on a hot Summer day just off the cliffs of Mordor before the long and treacherous, yet noble and steadfast, trek to save the world and sacrifice your precious. Perhaps shedding the aura of juicy tendency to allow just a peek into unending and overflowing bowls of fruit cups and Orange Skittles, matched in weight and volume by burdensome pinwheels of Citrus and dried Grape skins, and the love of a thousand hearts beating all at once in synchronicity.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, we made a beer with Burial Beer. Born out of the fact that we are both lucky enough to employ two halves of a partnership within each of our respective brewhouses. Said partners wanted to get together and brew a beer in celebration of the Burial’s annual Burnpile event, so Scott and Ariel made it happen!

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