Turbo Snapper – Double Dry Hopped Double IPA

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Turbo Snapper w/Tampa Bay Brewing Co
Double Dry Hopped Double IPA – 8%
4PK – 16oz Cans


“Turbo Snapper” is a Hazy DIPA, brewed in collaboration with the homies Tampa Bay Brewing Company, and we teamed up with Yakima Chief Hops to explore a new pourable hop product because we couldn’t just keep it simple! We thought a super fruity Hazy DIPA would compliment the WCIPA nicely and provide the perfect background for testing the new YCH-702, and we’ll be galllll-darned if it don’t! Tell you what! 

Mashed with a base of Riverbend Malt Chesapeake Pils and Proximity Malt Oats, then hit quite hard in the Whirlpool with Citra, and hopped hot in the fermenter with the NEW NEW YCH-702 Sabro from Yakima Chief. We then knocked the beer out a little colder than normal to account for the initial hot steep, and fermented it with our House IPA yeast before spunding for dat natty carb. The pourable Sabro provided some REALLY explosive and bright creamy-citrus character to the palate, so we complimented that with an initial dry hop of Mandarina Bavaria to really push that Clementine aspect of the initial hop profile. Once that was all said and done, we pummeled this beast with a second dry hop of Citra, HBC-586, and Citra Lupomax. 

We experience a wave of Creamsicle goodness, soft Clementines, a bone-dry glass of Chardonnay, Mango Hi-Chews

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