There For More – Single Hop Turpine IPA W/ Citra

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There For More
4PK – 16oz Cans

“There for More: Citra” is our second entry into a series of beers meant to explore one specific hop at a time, using all the hop products available to make that varietal pop. We live in a time where you can get hop products all the way from whole cones to crushed pellets, cryogenically-frozen and separated pelletized oils, just straight up oil processed MANY different ways, some cool third-party proprietary blends of different hop materials and compounds, and of course, super concentrated hop terpenes. We got to talking with Yakima Chief Hops about how it would be cool to use all the products from a specific hop supplier for the next one, and thus…CITRA WAS UP TO BAT! FUGGIN’ CHECK IT OUT, Y’ALL!

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and Proximity malt Wheat and Flaked Oats, but in a lower percentage of Protein than usual to help thin the body a little so the hops can shine. Hit HARD on the hot side with Citra T-90 pellets and hot-dipped with Citra 702 straight into the fermenter (we knocked out a little wort HOT, added the 702 hop product, and then knocked out the remainder colder to hit temp). Fermented with our House IPA strain and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped at first with Citra T-90 pellets, and then dry hopped a second time rather aggressively with Citra Cryo Pellets, Citra 701 pourable hop concentrate, and a fat dose of Citra Terpenes.

Notes of Tangerine fruit leather, a blend of juices containing Orange and Papaya and probably Mango, some sorta Marmalade and biscuit thing with bright Satsuma pith, only the Orange and Yellow Starbursts swimming in a glass of Pineapple juice, and a beautiful and quenching bitterness wrapped up in tasty/drippy/sticky resin that somehow coats your palate and fades cleanly into the background

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