The Slugging of Time – Funky Puncheon IPA


Funky Puncheon Aged Petite IPA – 4.2% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ

The Slugging of Time is a Funky Puncheon-aged Petite IPA and is one of three siblings that all have very different characteristics, but share a family resemblance thanks to our proprietary microflora cultures. Some lean more toward brett funk, some push further into sour territory, all spent many moons on oak. Together, they represent the foundation of our thriving mixed fermentation program and serve as a great indication of the awesome things to come.

Our labels for these beers are a nod to the homes in which our progenitors, Vince Tursi and Mike Semenec, lived and brewed as the concept for DSSOLVR began to take root. If you’ve ever partied with Mike or Vince in the last decade, you’re highly likely to recognize these houses. It was only right that we acknowledge the places where the embryonic development of DSSOLVR began, and there’s no better way for us to do that than with three of the most special beers we’ve ever produced.

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