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The Mighty Musca
4PK – 16oz Cans

When the Hopfly brewing crew comes calling, we go running! “The Mighty Musca” is our newest and freshest (and dopest, honestly) collab with the ultimate sweetie-pies over at Hopfly Brewing. Paul and Austin came out to whip up a tasty little jam (Cam was on baby duty, it’s okay, but WHERE WAS IAN?!) and do a little tour-de-Asheville, and we’re extra jazzed to say we really hit the nail on the head. Big, juicy Southern Hemisphere hop character with a super dank and resinous finish. Equal parts old school and new school, but wrapped up in a Hazy IPA. THE MIGHTY MUSCA IS HERE TO WIELD HIS POWER OF THE DANK AND STICKY! AND WIELD IT, HE WILLLLLLLL!

Mashed with a base that’s essentially a hybrid of our two breweries’ base IPAs: @riverbend 2-row Base Camp, @proximitymalt Oats and Wheat, and a dose of Flaked Oats and Dextrin Malt. Definitely more protein than we’re used to, but with all the local/Southern malt we could stuff in there. We then hopped it in the Whirlpool with the almighty Mosaic to lay down a smooth base, fermented it with our House IPA yeast, and then dry hopped it with a fat dose of HBC1019. The second dry hop was massive and punishing, with a blend of Mosaic, HBC1019, Strata CGX, and a very special lot of Riwaka grown by @eggersfarms in New Zealand. We reached out to the Eggers crew and selected this Riwaka SPECIFICALLY for it’s high oil profile with notes of “dank, diesel, resin, weed-ish, lime zest”, and it did NOT disappoint.

We get immediately punched in the face by a fat bag of analog-style icky-sticky green nuggets (I think the kids call it “dat gas *fire emoji*”), and then get washed away in a tidal wave of lemon-lime and mixed citrus zest, super bright Pineapple juice, and just the right amount of Peach and Honey on the finish. Damn, this really packed a huge whallop and spanned the spectrum from super bright to EXTRA dank, while still maintaining a high level of balance and

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