The Hustle is Legend – West Coast IPA (Collab w/ He is Legend)

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The Hustle is Legend
West Coast IPA – 6.5% ABV

4PK – 16oz Cans

“The Hustle is Legend” is here, in collaboration with our musically talented heroes He is Legend, who you should absolutely be listening to if you aren’t yet. They had a new tour coming up, and a celebratory West Coast IPA seemed to be the only fitting tribute we could see! SO COME SLAM SOME PINTS AND RUN AROUND IN A CIRCLE AND DO THE DAMN THING! AND THEN GO BUY TICKETS TO THEIR UPCOMING SHOOOOOWWWWWWS!

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and Munich Malt, alongside Proximity Malt Wheat and Dextrin Malt. Hit HARD on the hot side with Columbus and Mosaic, fermented low and slow and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped one time (but aggressively) with MI Chinook, MI Centennial, and a fatty dab of Centennial Cryo.

Notes of freshly diced Pineapples in a coniferous forest, frooooty breakfast cereal in the shade, rippin’ it up in the pit, and that first righteous pint of Ruination IPA you had from way back when.

It is clear, it is malty, it is yellow, it is bitter, it is dry, and it is dank. Hell yeah. Shred that gnar gnar. This time around, the label was done in-house by @death_shakes, and is actually the tour poster for the band! TALK ABOUT A FULL CIRCLE COLLAB! MORE LIKE FULL CIRCLE PIT, AMIRIGHT?!

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