The Hustle is for the Birds – West Coast IPA

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The Hustle is for the Birds
West Coast IPA – 6.5
4PK – 16oz Cans

“The Hustle is for the Birds” is our latest foray into the world of West Coast IPAs, and we teamed up with our longtime buds Birds Fly South to make it happen!!

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and Munich, and Proximity Malt Wheat and Dextrin Malt. Hit HARD on the hot side with Columbus and Oregon-grown Centennial, fermented low and slow and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped only once, but rather aggressively with EVEN MORE Oregon Centennial, a touch of Cascade, and a fat dab of Columbus Cryo.

Notes of candied Grapefruit peels, a bag of those little Orange Candies your Grandma used to have in a glass dish for absolutely no reason, a bag of that sticky-icky just drowning in resinous tree sap, the dankness in a parking lot before a Mastodon concert, and that first righteous pint of Pizza Port Board Meeting you had from way back when.

We definitely got very stoked to be able to work with Shawn and the whole BFS crew, and we’ve been big, big fans of theirs for some time now. Hence the video lol. But we have a few more projects coming down the pipeline with these folks, and we’re very very excited for future collabs with them.

This is clear, it is malty, it is yellow, it is bitter, it is dry, and it is dank as fuck. Hell yeah. Shred that gnar gnar. Also, it is actually clear. We’re aware we haven’t nailed clarity on the last few due to some increased hop rates and changes in process, but we’re happy to have that dialed back in for y’all.

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