Thank You For Existing – Kölsch KEG


Kölsch – 4.8%
1/6th Keg – 660 oz
(You must provide your own tap)

Thank You for Existing to everyone (and everything) that’s been a part of our journey so far. Thank you to the friends and family who supported us along the way, thank you to all of our excellent beverage industry co-conspirators, thanks to the ancient extraterrestrials that seeded Earth with the unifying elixir all those millennia ago, thanks to all the folks who have dropped by the taproom, and thank you in advance to everybody who plans to visit in the future! Also, we’d like to extend a personal thanks to all the super crushable Kölsch-style biers out there, we’re extra happy that you exist… 🙌👽🙌

Kölsch Style Ale featuring Crystal, Huell Melon, and Saphir hops.

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