Swamp Flip – Coffee Pilsner

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SWAMP FLIP Collab w/King State
Coffee Pilsner – 5.0%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Hey, kid! Do a kickflip! No? How about a Swamp Flip? Yeah…idk what that is, either.

“Swamp Flip” is a Coffee Pilsner, brewed in collaboration with the ever-loving sweethearts and kind-hearted humans  King State. We’ve been MASSIVE fans of Aric, Vinny, and Apple for a long time now, and when Vinny said “PUT MY DAMN FACE ON A CAN ALREADY!”, we just felt the urge to oblige. Given that we’re all big fans of Lagers and Coffee (and that they absolutely crush both of these beverages), the style seemed incredibly obvious. Thus, Coffee Pilsner was made to be!

We wanted to take a hybrid approach of their base for “Green Dart” and our house-favorite “Here to ____” series of American Pilsners, so we mashed up Cumberland Pilsner and Chesapeake Pilsner, along with a dash of Chit Malt from Riverbend Malt. 100% Riverbend Malt in this bad lil’ ditty! We then took a restrained approach to the water profile, and dosed in Loral and Sterling throughout the boil and Whirlpool for a structured, grassy, and fruity hop presence. We then fermented it low and slow with our House Lager yeast, spunded that fermentation for the natural carbonation, and laid it down to rest in a Horizontal Lager Tank for many-a-moon.

Toward the end of cold conditioning, we sent the tasting notes to the King State teams, and they selected a beautiful lot of Washed Kenyan Coffee from Gotomboya to roast and send us super fresh. We then applied our tried and true coffee treatment, and thus…the SWAMP FLIP COMETH! The beans compliment the beer PERFECTLY, and we’re pretty darn hype on it.

It’s something like walking through a field of Wildflowers with a fresh cup of Coffee in one hand, a freshly-opened bag of peachy-citrusy fruit snacks in your backpack, and being hunted down by a wild Alligator wielding some fresh-baked baguettes and shouting “DO A SWAMP FLIP OR I’M GONNA COVER YOU IN COLD BREW!” And…of course…our classic Chippy Boi™ finish: crisp, clean, and crushable.


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