Sandwich Station – American Pale Ale KEG


American Pale Ale – 5.2% ABV
1/6th Keg – 660 oz
(You must provide your own tap)

Sandwich Station is an ode to things that once reigned supreme. We wanted an old school American Pale Ale (with our own flair), so we started with a base of Pilsner, Crystal Malt, and a touch of Dextrose. We then snuck in some Riverbend Malt Appalachian Wheat, Golden Naked Oats, and American Red Wheat to help round it out. We hit the boil with Crystal hops, and then pummeled it in the whirlpool and liberally dry hopped with the almighty, American-grown Cascade.

Big, huge, face-punching notes of sweet malt, candied orange, and resinous fruit juice boxes take the main stage on this beast. Surprisingly easy-drinking, yet reminiscent of the beers of yesteryear. Almost like if Valencia Oranges and Clementines had a blissed-out love child at a Dead show. It’ll go perfect with your sandwich…in space…or whatever.

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