Buy High Sell High – 24mo Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Sugar Barleywine (Collab w/ Corporate Ladder)

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Buy High Sell High
24mo BBA Brown Sugar Barleywine – 12.5% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

MANY MOONS AGO, before DSSOLVR ever opened our doors, we had the intense pleasure of going down to Florida to brew with our buds Corporate Ladder Brewing. We had the crazy idea of whipping up a Barleywine with Brown Sugar, and it turned out to be amazing, so we knew we had to invite them up to brew it here shortly after we got operations rolling in Asheville. So a little over two years ago, the crew came up, and we did the damn thing!

Mashed with a medley of Riverbend malts, including some now-discontinued Munich Oats, fermented with our House Pub yeast, and then hit with a bunch of Brown Sugar in the boil and throughout fermentation. BUT THEN, we laid the entirety of the batch down to rest in some exxxxtra choice 18yr Bourbon Barrels…for 24 months…

The result is a wonderful cacophony of flavors, coming together in a huge harmonious balance that we’re so so proud of. We’ve been loving giving our barrel-aged beers more and more time in wood, and this is really a shining example of long-term barrel character, uninhibited by extraneous adjuncts.

We experience waves of deep and luscious Malt complexity, Oaky Vanilla tannins, mounds of fresh biscuits stuffed with Brown Sugar and drizzled with Molasses, and truly just pure Barleywine bliss. God damn. That’s a tasting note. So fucking good. Yep. Just in time to celebrate #BILDay (8/17), too! IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

PS: The rest of this is undergoing a secondary aging process. It was racked out of Bourbon after 20 months and into some super-fresh and sexy Brandy barrels. So that’s a future thing.

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