Emerge as One – Lemon & Coffee Cake Imp Stout


(PRESALE): Emerge as One

Coffee Cake Imp Stout – 9%
4PK – 16oz Cans

We’ve been busy brewing through the pandemic, but our SOP has always been to set aside some Stout for aging, whenever we brew any. Barrel blending, barrel filling, fixing some over-adjuncting, blah blah blah. You never know when you’re going to need more Stout! We figured we should probably do some cellar purging, and this was the perfect opportunity! “Emerge as One” is a blend of 6 separate threads of Stainless-aged Stout comprised of Baltic Porters, Stouts, Imperial Stouts, Coffee Stouts, and a fun base recipe we use specifically for barrel stock.

We thought we should bump it up another notch with extra Coffee from @highnooncoffeeroasters, a touch of Cinnamon, a healthy dose of Madagascar Vanilla Beans, and just a seriously stupid amount of yellow cake (Lemon and Vanilla, if you didn’t know)! A Breakfast Pastry Imperial Stout, modeled after the infamous Coffee Cake delicacy. Yellow cake, cinnamon, brown sugar, a smidge of Lemon, sweet Vanilla icing, a dash of Chocolate and sugar on top, and paired with a hot cup of coffee. That is this. This is that.

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