Big Mood IPA MIX PACK – Bru-1 / Mandarina


Big Mood – Single Hop IPA MIX PACK
Big Bru-1 Mood & Big Mandarina Mood
4PK – 16oz Cans

Big Bru-1 Mood
Single Hop IPA – 6.2% ABV


In the next step of our “BIG MOOD” single-hop IPA journey, we’ve got a new-ish hop to us: BRU-1.

TL;DR: Same base beer, different hop.

Notes of the ripest of Pineapples, white Haribo gummi bears, lil’ baby Apricots, and just a subtle hint of grassy green fun stuff. We were pleasantly surprised by this hop in our first TIPA, and this is a perfect example of a “pineapple-bomb” hop. Fruit-forward without the dankness of Idaho 7, and tropical without the grassy/berry character of El Dorado. A very fun continuation, and a dramatic departure from the last few releases. We hope you’re loving this series as much as we are!

Big Mandarina Mood
Single Hop IPA – 6.2%

In yet another continuation of our “BIG MOOD” single-hop IPA series, we’ve got a hop that we hold near and dear: Mandarina Bavaria.

TL;DR: Same base beer, NEW DANK HOP!

Notes of fruity breakfast cereal slathered in strawberry jam, orange sherbert, fresh clementine Lil Cutie wedges, and just a subtle hint of that dank good-good, brah. We honestly got a more amplified and unique character with this hop than any of us have seen before, and we hope you’re as pleasantly surprised as we were! Fruity, juicy, citrusy, and smooth as all hell. A very positive continuation of the series, this lil bad boi really has us excited about our processes we’ve been developing. We’re already drooling for the next one, though.


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