Murder House – DDH Hazy IPA (Collab w/ XUL)

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Murder House
DDH Hazy IPA (Collab w/ XUL) – 7.4% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Murder House” is our latest collab IPA with the homies XUL Beer Company. So we asked them, “What’s cooler than a house filled with ghosts?” A HOUSE FILLED WITH ANGRY GHOSTS!

We took a mixed approach to this beer and blended bits from both of our IPA approaches to explore some new-to-us hops, and it turned into what we feel is a really stellar release. Honestly, this is very good.

Mashed with Riverbend Malt Pilsner and a complex bevvy of Oat and Wheat malts. Hit very hard in the Whirlpool with Citra, then fermented with our House IPA yeast before being dry-hopped with Talus and HBC-536. It was then spunded for dat natty carb before being dry-hopped a second time with MORE Talus and HBC-536, along with Citra Lupomax for good measure.

We experience bright and fresh Mango Papaya juice, candied Grapefruit skins dipped in live resin, a bit of sticky tree sap, a handful of sweet and tropical candies, and a whisper of spoOoOoOky ghosts! Super fruity with a fun dankness that doesn’t linger. Hell yeah, these spirits ain’t gon’ get me with this sudsy juice! No way!

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