A Collab About Nü-thing – DDH Hazy DIPA (Collab w/ Two Tides Brewing)

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Collab About Nü-thing
DDH Hazy DIPA – 8.3%
4PK – 16oz

Whatsup with breweries always making DDH DIPA for their anniversary? And whatsup with all these goddamn collabs all the time? Ya know, can’t these breweries write recipes on their own? And whatsup with Nü-Metal music anyway? I mean, was everybody just allergic to melodies AND good fashion in that era?

*insert funky-ass bassline*

This is “A Collab About Nü-Thing” and it’s a DDH DIPA brewed with our tastiest buds Two Tides. We wanted to really make sure to deliver the goods on such a momentous beer, and we alllllll know these lovely folks love hops just as much as we do, so we split the difference on our approaches and the results are…splendid!

Mashed with a base of Riverbend 2-Row, and a medley of Flaked Wheat and Oats, with a dash of @proximitymalt Oat Malt to round it out. Whirlpooled aggressively with Mosaic, then fermented with our House IPA yeast before dry-hopped with a hefty dose of Strata and Estate-grown Comet from @crosbyhopfarms and spunded for dat natty carb. We had to do it to ‘em, so we dry-hopped this a second time, and VERY aggressively with a whole mess of Strata, Comet, Ekuanot, and Citra Lupomax.

We experience your buddy blasting through your apartment door with a bowl full of fruit salad, someone yelling “JERRY! I DID IT FOR THE NOOKIE” while ripping open a bag of Mango Hi-Chews and chiefing on some Jazz Cabbage, most likely a bit of sugar-dipped Bosch Pear, the feeling of dreaming all day about semi-sexual hop flavor descriptions, and…idk…

Whatsup with these consistently absurd tasting notes? Is this best consumed with eyeliner and tribal tattoos? Maybe a backwards baseball cap and some loose jeans? Guess ya gotta go to this Nü-Metal Anniversary party on Friday 1/13 to find out for yourself!

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