Paths Never Looped Before – Double IPA KEG


Double IPA – 8%
1/6th Keg – 660 oz
(You must provide your own tap)

Paths Never Looped Before is a massive Citra-bomb for all you haze heads out there. A new and slightly askew take on a DIPA, it will take you in some unexpected directions. Malted Wheat and Oats contribute to a fluffy, pillowy mouthfeel, while a dry finish and low IBU emphasize a big burst of Citra backed by a subtle, fruity, earthy note from a touch of Wakatu. Face-punching amounts of Clementine zest and Pineapple juice explode out of the glass and into your nose holes, with just a touch of dank in the background. Soft, pillowy wheat welcomes your tastebuds to the party, just before Citra and Wakatu suplex the living daylights out of them, right on down to Juice Town…a magical place filled with citrus daiquiris, mixed berry parfait, and your neighbor’s Dad’s stash. You know what we’re talkin’ about. It’s like riding a juice cloud! Shred that cloud, y’all!

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