Lava Burst – GF Hard Orange Soda

$18.00 USD

Lava Burst GF Hard Orange Soda – 6%
4PK – 16oz Cans

It’s not every day that your all-time-favorite Crunchwrap/Taco joint opens a Smash Burger spot, so when the @exvoto.durham folks announced they were doing just that and opening up, we knew we had to get a collab rolling. AND THUS, A HARD ORANGE SODA GF SOUR WAS BORN!

“Lava Burst” is our Hard Orange Soda GF Sour, here to smash that Summertime sadness into blackened and charred lil patties while calling forth the fondest of burger memories of yesteryear. Maximum straight up Orange Soda vibes in this one, y’all. Kel would be so pumped. Ya know…cuz he looooooves Orange Soda.

It is here to take your taste buds by the hand and slam a burger into your face while keeping your face directly under the soda fountain, cracking an ice cold sodie-pop by the beach, Summertime hopscotch championships, and sunshine.

So yeah, this is Orange Soda, but alcoholic, and 10% of the sugar content of the soda it was modeled after (yes, we did actually run tests). Pretty much this is that wondrous Orange Soda we all know and love, but maxxxxxxed out and melted down. Yep. The style description is pretty accurate.


Available NOW on draft and in cans in AVL and in DURM.

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