Jump off the Earth – Hazy IPA

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Jump off the Earth
DDH Hazy IPA – 6%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Jump Off the Earth” is the next step in our exploration of figuring out wtf we want in a “Southern Hemisphere Hazy IPA”, and we had the distinct privilege of taking that journey with The Half Sandwiches and Beverages out of Wilmington, NC. The dope lil’ spot is run by some very near and dear friends of ours, and we were more than overjoyed when they asked if we could help whip up a lil somethin’ for their upcoming anniversary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YA FILTHY ANIMALS!

While brainstorming about what we could make, we got to talking about our journey into “Southern Hemisphere IPA” with a Pilsner base and a lighter approach, and the idea came up of using Rice to really gut the body and let the hops shine. It was definitely partly inspired by their recent NZ Hopped Rice Lager collab with our heroes Widowmaker Brewing , but we wanted to really crank this up to 11, so we went with an IPA to allow for maximum hopping.

Mashed with a base of Riverbend Cumberland Pils and a whole mess of Flaked Rice, along with a kiss of Proximity Malt Oat Malt for extra heft. Hit heavily in the Whirlpool with Wakatu, fermented with our House IPA yeast, dry-hopped once with Motueka, and then dry-hopped a second time with a heavy-handed dosing of Nelson Sauvin and even more Motueka and Wakatu. Of course, as always, this was spunded for carbonation of the natty variety!

Bursting with notes of sticky Key Lime Pie on some of those Rice Cakes we all hate to love, some Grape Hi Chews slathered in Mango jelly, most likely an Apricot situation, and perhaps the fading memory of that perfect hop sandwich on the beach…if ya know what I mean. I don’t know that that means, if I’m being honest, so hopefully you actually do.

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