An Inevitable Reckoning – Munich Dunkel

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An Inevitable Reckoning  – 5.8%
Munich Dunkel
4PK – 16oz Cans

One day all things must be atoned for, and your love of big sweet dark beers is replaced with crisp light easy drinkers you don’t hate yourself for the following day. But there are still chilly winter nights sitting by the fire when you gaze up at the moon and dream of a sweet treat that won’t raise your blood sugar… WHAM! Through the door burst a werewolvian Fabio and he’s packing heat! The heat of course being “An Inevitable Reckoning” Munich Dunkel. This 5.8% naughty Dark Lager packs a wallop of luscious dark flavors and just a kiss of hop presence.

Mashed at just the right temperature emphasizing our favorite Riverbend Munich and Pilsner Malt, and a touch of our favorite dark malt to truly embrace the darkness. Hopped delicately in the kettle to balance it all out. Fermented with our House Lager Yeast extra cold for an unbelievably clean finish.

We experience soft baked pretzels dipped in dark milk chocolate, a bowl of steel cut oats spritzed with honey, a soft velvety palette, and a caramelized nuttiness all wrapped up in a weighted blanket of hops.

3/17 on draft and in cans in the taproom and distro.

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