In The “Land of the Sky” – Session IPA

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in the “Land of the Sky”
Session IPA – 4.5%
4PK – 16oz Cans

in the “Land of the Sky” is our first stab at a Session IPA in quite some time, and we friggin’ nailed it. We’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to revisit the style, and the multi-night run of STS9 in Asheville seemed PERFECTLY APPROPRIATE. 

An allday crusher that has a little bit of the best things: Fruity, dank, hazy, juicy, and ultimate crushability. Mashed with a medley of @riverbend 2-Row and Wheat, and a hefty dose Flaked Oats. Hopped aggressively throughout the whirlpool and multiple dry-hops with a phenomenal trio of Oregon-grown Comet, McKenzie, and Stata CGX. Fermented with our House IPA yeast for the juicy treatment, spunded for natural carb and bountiful mouthfeel, blah blah blah. Made specifically for drinking many pints over many nights of shows. You already KNOW.

A super balanced lil’ Session IPA slopped right up with the olfactory goodness of fresh-AF Apricots, a bowl of Oats soaked in old school Tang, and juuuuust a hint of dankness that definitely reminds you of the parking lot before an STS9 show. See you at Salvage for the big multi-night run, ya damn heathens!

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