I’m Not A Robot – Wet-Hopped Kellerbier


I’m Not A Robot
Wet-Hopped Kellerbier – 5% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

“I am Not a Robot” is our Wet Hopped Kellerbier collab with the fine folks over at @woodenrobotbrewery. If you’ve had any of their Lagers and have been keeping up with us, you knew this one was inevitable.
We started with a mixup of our go-to Lager water profiles, mashed with 100% @riverbendmalt (Pils, Munich Oats, Wheat), dosed with Mt. Hood hops in the Kettle, and then hit it with fresh, wet, hydroponic Spalter Select hops from @hyphenhops in the Whirlpool. We fermented it a tiny bit warmer than usual with our preferred Lager strain, crashed it out, and then dry-hopped it cold with a touch of Sterling hops to bump up the fruity finish. No cold-conditioning on this beast to maximize that hop presence.

We get a big hit of fresh-baked biscuits dusted with lemon zest right off the bat. The biscuit-malt character takes over, followed by that characteristic full-Keller mouthfeel, and finishes with a nice wet-hop, resinous, floral, lemon-rind snap that lightens up the finish. Equal parts malty and fruity, but ultimately oh-so crushable.

If you’re familiar with the Lager game from our respective breweries, you can definitely tell both sets of fingerprints are all over this one. We are pretty hyped on this, for realsies.

Also, big ups to our overseas buddy @ben.hunter.works for the artwork. Please take a trip through his page, it’s more than worth it.

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