DUH! Snake Blood – Raspberry Chocolate Imperial Stout


DUH! Snake Blood
Raspberry Chocolate Imperial Stout – 9% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ

Another continuation of our dessert-inspired Kaiju bottles, “Duh! Snake Blood” is a 9% ABV Raspberry Chocolate Imperial Stout, inspired by the ever-infamous Raspberry Ganache. We started off with a base of Maris Otter, layered on a bevy of specialty and roasted malts, ran a continuous boil for over 6 hours, and hit it with some extra sugar in the kettle to get the base of this thiccccc Imperial Stout where we wanted it.

We fermented it low and slow, cold-conditioned it for many moons, and then dosed in @frenchbroadchocolate cacao nibs and husks, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, and a very heavy-handed helping of Raspberries. It sat on this mountain of flavor for a few weeks prior to packaging, and the result is pretty spectacular. Huge, thick, sticky Chocolate-covered Raspberries up front, this is pretty much just a mug full of Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry jam poured over rich-AF fluffy Chocolate Cake on the finish. Total yum. Come on, taste the snake. It won’t bite.

WARNING: We used copious amounts of fruit and don’t recommend cellaring this bottle. Keep it cold and drink it fresh, y’all!

SECOND WARNING: No snakes were harmed in the making of this product.

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