Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Cold – Cold IPA

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Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Cold
Cold IPA – 5.6%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Goin’ Down the Road, Feeling Cold” is our newest Cold IPA, brought to you in celebration of @thewhalesouthslope opening on the South Slope in Asheville next week! 

What the fuck is the difference between Cold IPA, IPL, and West Coast Pilsner, you ask? WELL, LEMME TELL YA! The way we took it, a Cold IPA is essentially an IPA fermented with Lager yeast, and with very low bitterness, but high in Malt character and new-school-fruity Hop character…and NOT LAGERED, just served fresh to preserve some of that Yeast character. A West Coast Pilsner, however, would be lower in Malt character and higher in bitterness and WOULD BE Lagered, and an IPL would be somewhere in between the two, but obviously Lagered for maximum briteness. Or so we think. The differences are minute, honestly, but we’re here to keep plugging away until we can all agree on the nomenclature! Chime in if you think you’ve got some clarity on this issue!

Mashed with 100% @riverbendmalt, comprised of Chesapeake Pils and a higher proportion than usual of Chit Malt. Hopped very generously in the Kettle and Whirlpool with Michigan Cascade, and to a lower target IBU than we’re used to. Fermented low and slow with our House Lager strain and spunded for natural carbonation. Dry Hopped with a blend of Michigan Centennial and Pacific Sunrise for equal parts dank, citrus, and bright fruit! Not Lagered, served fresh.

We experience someone telling us that we don’t know what a Cold IPA is, that undeniable feeling of accomplishment after opening a new bar in a time when you keep being told “Aren’t there enough beer bars and breweries in Asheville already?”, cold beers with good pals, fruity Orange Rinds in a freshly-scooped bread bowl filled with Wildflowers, and some nice resinous-pine character. Smooth, fruity, bright, and refreshing!

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