Galactus Eats Planets – Wild Foeder Cider (Collab w/ plēb Winery)


Botanicas Animas
Wild Foeder Cider- 8.6% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ

“GALACTUS EATS PLANETS” is here! The second entry in our Wild Foeder Cider program! Yippee!

Many moons ago, we filled our Cider Foeder with a blend of Pink Lady and Goldrush Apples that were grown, harvested, and pressed in NC and with just a touch of our House Mixed Culture to expedite the fermentation from the naturally occurring yeast already in suspension. We then added some locally foraged Japanese Dogwood and Paw Paw Fruit, and allowed that base Cider to ferment to total dryness and then mature for well over a year.

WHILE THAT WAS HAPPENING, we also worked with plēb and sourced 100# of whole cluster, organic, locally-grown Seyval Blanc grape. We then purged a stainless steel vessel of all oxygen, put the grapes inside, and allowed the grapes to undergo a 4-month Carbonic Maceration before pressing said grapes and allowing them to referment to total dryness, as a trial for our upcoming Wine program. Essentially, the process of Carbonic Maceration allows the naturally occurring yeast on the outside and inside of the fruit to enter anaerobic fermentation, thereby tilting the scales in favor of fermentation-capable yeast and bacteria, and away from the favor of aerobic and spoilage bacteria. Cool, right?

Since this Wine fermentation didn’t yield much final product, we racked the aforementioned mature Cider onto said wine and pomace, and allowed that to condition for a little over a month. We then transferred this Wine-Cider hybrid into a puncheon, blended in some Wildflower Honey from Walker Honey Farms and a touch of our Mixed Culture, and allowed the bottles and kegs to naturally condition for a little over 6 months. Yes…that was a lot to process.

Notes of crisp and fresh Apple skins, super dry Sauv Blanc and Cantaloupe Spritzers, subtle undertones of Vanillin and Oak tannins backed up by a cool secondary tannin-twang from the Seyval Blanc pomace, and a bowl of Passionfruit and Key Limes drizzled in Honey. This is a Wild Foeder Cider, so expect a bright and zippy acid profile with just a hint of funk.

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