Escape the Dark – Almond Black Truffle Imperial Stout

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Escape the Dark
Almond Black Truffle Imperial Stout – 11% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

There’s something special about the combination of Sea Salt, Black Truffles, and Almonds. From an objective point of view, it’s incredibly romantic. Not quite as romantic as your lover revealing that they’ve secretly been growing fresh Strawberries for you which leads to you confessing your undying love for them, but IT’S CLOSE! 

ESCAPE THE DARK is an Imperial Stout w/ Almonds, Black Truffles, and Sea Salt. We started with a big ol’ Stout base comprised of Riverbend malt and Proximity malt, along with some other specialty and roasted malts. We then boiled this beast for MANY hours along with hefty doses of Turbinado sugar for some cake-y complexity, and then fermented it with an English yeast. Normal Stout stuff, blah blah blah.

We then transferred this beer onto a huge amount of Almonds (~20#/bbl), some SUPER FRESH Black Truffles we had flown in especially for this, and a touch of Sea Salt for added complexity.

Notes of “What is this, a Michelin Star restaurant? We ain’t this fancy, babe!”, licking brownie batter right off the spoon, a really fancy waiter shaving some fresh truffles onto your unbelievably expensive Salted Chocolate Tart, and a bit of the feeling of a classic meet-cute in an apocalyptic world. Have we mentioned that we can’t get enough of Bill and Frank?

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