Enter The Flames – DDH Hazy IPA

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Enter The Flames
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Enter the Flames” is the newest in our coveted series of IPA collabs with our loving sweethearts over at Living Waters Brewing! Last brewed as “Into the Flames”, we decided to tweak the base just a little bit and modify the dry-hop for maximum OOOOMPH-ness.

Mashed with a medley of Riverbend 2-Row, and Proximity Malt Wheat, along with a hefty dose of Flaked Wheat. We utilized the same Incognito hop product as last time, HBC472, but this time in the FV dosed HOT HOT HOT before knockout (I think the term is hot-dipped, now? I can’t keep up anymore), and simultaneously hit in the Whirlpool with Cashmere, then fermented with our House IPA yeast and spunded for natural carbonation. Dry Hopped once with more Cashmere, and then hit it in a SECOND Dry Hop with Galaxy, Ella, and a dash of Idaho 7 Cryo to keep it sexy and fruity and jazzy and funnn.

We experience layered waves of Clementine zest, mouthfuls of Zebra Stripe gum, pulpy Pineapple-Mango OJ smoothies, extra bright candied Mango, and some of that classic Southern Hemisphere grassy-tropical-Hi-Chew goodness. Insanely drinkable while still maintaining a full body and explosive nose.

As always with our LWB IPA releases, this means something is coming that’s been sitting in barrels for a VERRY VERRRRRY long time. Good things come to those who wait, so come on down and ENTER THE FLAMES with us. The water’s fine, y’all!

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