Endearing Nonsense – Coconut IPA


Endearing Nonsense
Coconut IPA – 7%ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

MORE WEIRD IPA?! This is essentially a pina-colada gummy bear in liquid form.

On a sad note, COVID forced our friends at @fermentednonsensebrewstillery to close shop. We thought it was only fitting to help send them out with a bang, and so here we are with another absurd IPA collab.

“Endearing Nonsense” began with a simple grist of Maris Otter, Red Wheat, and Malted Oats so that we had ample malt character to stand up to the inevitable avalanche of coconut. We fermented it dry with our preferred English yeast, decimated it with Sabro and Citra, and then proceeded to just jam Macaroon Coconut in there as we could. Like, for realsies, we couldn’t put anything else into the fermenter. It was so much. Why did we do this?

This is pretty much just nugs rolled in coconut, but then that nug got hollowed out and filled with pina colada and garnished with a slice of Orange. That’s our tasting note. Holy cannoli, this is wild.

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