Devilish and Fancy – Guava, Raspberry, Mango Gose Ale


Devilish and Fancy
Guava, Raspberry, Mango Fruited Gose Ale – 6.1%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Devilish and Fancy” is a Gose with Sea Salt, Coriander, Guava, Feijoa, Raspberry, and Mango. And it is a tasty little demon.

We changed up the situation from our last Gose, tweaked some things on the brewhouse side of things, and said bye-bye to the Lactose. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, as we feel that we achieved even more body and fruit character than last time!

Pretty much a Capri-Sun that someone melted a box of fruit-roll-ups into. Massive Pineapple and Strawberry character up front, followed by a tidal wave of Guava candies, a spritzing of tart Raspberry, and a really cool salty-citrus balance at the end from heavier doses of Sea Salt and Coriander. So good, it’ll make you wanna summon your inner party-demon. But, like, the fun one.


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