Desktop Vacation – Hoppy Kölsch-toberfest KEG


Hoppy Kölsch-toberfest – 4.1%
1/6th Keg – 660 oz
(You must provide your own tap)

This one’s for all you overworked desk jockeys who need a break, but can’t escape the gravitational pull of your work computer. Classics collide in Desktop Vacation, the Hoppy Kölschtoberfest we brewed with our homies at @definitivebrewing. What’s a Kölschtoberfest, you ask? It’s where Märzen and Kölsch meet up to get slapped silly with American Noble Hops. We took a 100% Riverbend grist comprised of Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts, hopped things up with American Noble Cascade and American Noble Azacca, and then cold fermented it with our favorite Kölsch strain. After six weeks of full-term cold conditioning, you get the best of two classic German styles…that were then taken on down to Crazy Town by a hefty dose of American avantgardism, giving it that DSSOLVR surrealist spin.

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