Denomination ESB – English Pale Ale

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ESB – 4.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Denomination is our latest English-style Pale Ale (aka a good ol’ ESB for yer asses) and it’s here to tell you a little something about how easy it is to crush a couple pints from the old Cask via hand pump with your buds.

Mashed with 100% Riverbend malt, comprised of Southern Select and a kiss of their Crystal malt, hopped aggressively on the hot side with only the finest UK Challenger and East Kent Goldings, and fermented low and slow with our House Pub Ale yeast. As with all our bevvies, this bad lil’ ditty was spunded for natural carbonation on Cask, then bumped up to normal-human carbonation for draft and cans.

We get a simulated experience akin to turning your brain off and just enjoying a pint with your buds. Plus, on top of that awesomeness, we also taste whispers of Orange and Brambleberry marmalade  on a fresh biscuit with an extra-toasty bottom, English Breakfast Tea WITHOUT any cream, and a couple ps-ps-ps-ps of beautiful malty goodness. All the enjoyability and complexity you’ve come to appreciate from our Pub Ales, but now with a fun (and hopefully more approachable) style denomination than “ESB” or “English Bitter”. The differences are minute, so don’t come at us England. We’re still just trying to educate these American non-caskers, alright?

Do you get the name yet? Denomination? Cuz it doesn’t matter really? What’s a dollar to a bill? Wait, how does that phrase go? What’s a bill to a dollar? Who’s Bill to your father? DAD!! WHO THE FUCK IS BILL?!

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