Color Me A Vienna Man – Vienna Style Lager


Color Me A Viennna Man
Vienna Style Lager
– 6.1%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Many moons ago, we traveled down to hang with the Late Start Brewing crew and brewed what would become “Enter the Streeterverse”, a Watermelon-Mojito Inspired Sour Ale. We eagerly awaited the chance to reciprocate, and slightly fewer moons ago, we whipped up an extremely tasty Vienna Lager.

“Color Me a Viennaman” started off with a base of 100% Riverbend Malt. Comprised of Vienna, Dark Oats, and Munich malts, it was then gently kissed with classic American-grown Mt. Hood hops. We definitely hit it with a mix of approaches from both breweries, and laid it down to rest in one of our Lager Tanks for 3 FULL MONTHS for maximum clarity and crispness. Waves of deep, rich malt character make way for a medium-bodied wall of nutty, toasted wheat bread slathered with honey, a forest trail laden with morning dew, and just a touch of spicy hop presence on the finish. The marriage of flavor and crushability is reminiscent of German brewing mastery.

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