Cold Caprese Pizza – Italian Pilsner


Cold Caprese Pizza
Italian Pilsner – 5.1%
4PK – 16oz Cans

We teamed up with the Hoofy Mayne Juicelords (@hoofheartedbreweryandkitchen ) and whipped up YET ANOTHER tasty lil treat for y’all. We combined the best of both worlds to bring you a CRISPY AND FROOOOTY TOOTY ITALIAN PILSNER!

“Cold Caprese Pizza” is named after yet another Savannah mishap, wherein we ordered a Caprese Pizza and received the truly coldest pizza we have ever laid lip to. Like, the pan legitimately left a condensation mark on the table and was SWEATING in the room temp heat, it was so cold. Mashed solely and singularly with @riverbendmalt Pilsner and hit with our trusted Lager treatment on the hot side. Hopped very aggressively in the Whirlpool with Pacifica and Hallertauer Mittelfruh, fermented low and slow with our House Lager yeast, spunded for dat 100% natural carbonation, and dry-hopped with Tettnanger and Saphir before being laid down to Lager for many moons in our Horizontal Tanks.

We experience freshly-tossed Pizza dough, romantic bouquets of Wildflowers in the evening, sitting like 4 feet from someone who just peeled a Mandarin Orange, and a hint of Lemon Balm steeped in a cup of super mellow White Tea.

We love you, @trebag77

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